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02 February 2011 @ 10:46 pm
Merchandise for sale  
Behind the cut~

Art books; Illustration Collection I
Cards; Over 30 spare Japanese trading cards (by BANDAI)
Misc; Fortune telling trading cards
Posters; Laminated (I have four different designs) & one cloth wall scroll
Music: Card Captor Sakura soundtracks

All items in excellent condition unless I state otherwise. I can only accept Postal (in US dollars) money orders as payment, as well as cash. If you are defiantly interested in buying something, please leave your zip code, (along with the item(s) you're interested in of course) or your country of residence, if you live outside of the US. This way I can calculate shipping and get back to you quicker with an estimate. My feedback is here. I live in the United States if any one would like to know in advance. Thank you for looking!!


+Card Captor Sakura Illustration Collection volumes [1] + [2] SOLD ~ $35.00 each; RARE & OUT OF PRINT


+[Card Captor Sakura Movie Trading card pack] + [ back of the pack] (opened but in mint condition) $3.00 The cards from this pack are scanned here; [front of first batch] and [back] + [front of second batch] and [back].

+Card Captor Sakura (TV series) trading cards by BANDAI ~ $0.25 for each card. These cards are all mint condition, as they are straight from a new pack of cards. I have 2 different foil packs where these cards came from, a pink one and a green one. Here are images from all of the cards by batch, fronts & backs scanned:

+Batch one~ [fronts] & [backs]

+Batch two~ [fronts] & [backs]

+Batch three~ [fronts] & [backs]

+Batch four~ [fronts] & [backs]

+Batch five~ [fronts] & [backs]

+Batch six~ [fronts] & [backs]

+Batch seven~ [fronts] & [backs]

+Batch eight~ [fronts] & [backs]

+Batch nine~ [fronts] & [backs]

+Batch ten~ [fronts] & [backs]

+Batch eleven~ [fronts] & [backs]

+Batch twelve~ [fronts] & [backs]

+Batch thirteen~ [fronts] & [backs]

+Batch fourteen~ [fronts] & [backs]

+Batch fifteen~ [fronts] & [backs]


+Card Captor Sakura fortune telling trading cards by Magico ~ $6.00 [front] & [back] of box ~ Contains 50 different cards with images from all three seasons of the TV series & the 2 movies. An image of a Clow card is on the reverse side of each card, with instructions in Chinese on how it can be used to tell fortunes. *MAY 22, 2009; I just added these cards, so I will get some scans up for them at a later time. If you are interested in them, I can get scans up right away though, so please let me know.


Posters are laminated & Taiwanese items. They are "crisp"; they've been rolled-up & kept in storage, unrolled from time to time in the past to be admired by myself so they're brand new. ~$3.00 each (2 for $5.00)

+Shaoran & Meilin SOLD
+Sakura & Kero (movie)
+Shaoran & Sakura SOLD
+Sakura, Tomoyo & Kero
+Sakura, Kero, Shaoran & Meilin
+Tomoyo with Sakura flowers (manga style)

+Taiwanese Card Captor Sakura wall scroll is made of light weight cloth; though large, it can be shipped First class mail because it is light in weight. I had it up in on my wall the past but it has been in storage for the past six years. It is in excellent condition; if any one would like to see a photo of the exact item, I can provide it.~$10.00


Please scroll down near the top of the page where it reads Card Captor Sakura~ here.
iceminxiceminx on January 31st, 2012 05:50 pm (UTC)
interested in the battle costume cards plus the kero and suppi card..